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tv   ABC7 News at 12A on KOFY  KOFY  September 1, 2012 12:00am-12:30am PDT

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three days. i'm carolyn johnson. >> i'm dan ashley. the barton bridge is closed for the entire labor day weekend. these are the last cars crossing the dunbar ton bridge between menlo park and fremont about an hour ago. about 30,000 vehicles a day cross it on any given weekend, so it is highly used. it is shutdown for seismic retrofit work, and it is not scheduled to reopen until the weekend 5:00 a.m. tuesday morning. this is a live shot of the eerily quiet bridge. we don't see it like this. cal trans is lifting it five inches to install a huge new pair of steel bearings to give it more flexibility when the next big crate hits. >> it is two disks that are put together and slide over each other. it gives this bridge about up to four feet of movement in any direction. >> alternate routes include the bay bridge and the san mateo bridge and the south bay 101, 880 loop.
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>> and fremont street is shutdown from howard to mission. this affects drivers from getting off the bay bridge. it is part of the construction from the trans bay transit terminal. fremont street is expected to reopen tuesday morning. our exclusive ways app can navigate both closures. you can find the app in itunes or google play and download it and become an abc7 traffic spotter. in november, richmond voters will decide whether it will become the first city in the nation to tax soda and other sugar redrinks. john alston is live in richmond with the story. john? >> there is a lot of money at stake so community groups are trying to make sure the soda tax is older than root beer. they are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on the billboard as well as direct mailers and eventually where shalls. there are the slick direct
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mail advertisements urging to vote no. billboards have argued the businesses are bad for businesses like the small grocery store. >> if they erase the tax, a lot of customers are not going to buy it in i more. >> the anti-tax commercial filmed the famous hot dogs and another is scheduled to be shot at the hilltop movie theater. the advertising blitz is the work of local political action group community coalition against taxes. the group has spent $350,000 to stop the ballot measure. he says the tax would hurt poor people and they are happy for the help. >> so if you are trying to protect your community, do you turn down anybody that wants to help you. >> if approved, the cost of other sugar soda raised a penny an ounce. he says sugar redrinks lead
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to -- su em ary drinks -- sugary drinks lead to problems. >> well, i think it should get prietenned and i think we are going to win. >> supporters of the tax say it will raise $3 million a year for childhood fitness programs if it can overcome the intensive ad campaign. >> it did you president take a lot to sway people when you have a pretty saw fist it cayed ad campaign like this one. but i do think the pro tax measure is a good one, and i hope it is successful. >> this weekend the councilman is in philadelphia where he is scheduled to meet with the mayor there. it is something philadelphia has failed to do twice in richmond. john alston, abc7 news. >> thanks, john. a fremont teenage who made a bogus 9-1-1 call resulting in a dog bowing shot will be arraigned next week. it happened yesterday afternoon.
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they said someone was robing a neighbor's house. when the officers knocked on the door, three pittbulls broke through a date and came at the policemen. one of the dogs was shot and ran away. her owner searched yesterday and today. >> now in the afternoon i found her. this is the happiest day of my life. >> the dog was shot in the leg. she will be okay. a 19-year-old has admitted to the hoax after posting pictures of the scene on facebook. >> tonight police are hunting for a sexual predator who attacked a woman in san jose. it happened on sunday after 7:00 p.m. near south bascam and park moore avenue. tonight police released a sketch of the person they are looking for. she described as 5 foot 7 and between 35 and 45 years of age with broad shoulderses and a dark complexion. his hair was cut in a flattop style. >> a second student has been diagnosed with chicken pox. the cases appear to be
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unrelated, but school officials say they anticipate more. a letter was sent to students and faculty. chicken pox can take three days to three weeks before sytoms begin to show. >> officials at yosemite national park say as many as 10,000 people get exposed to the hunta virus. and now an unprecedented number of cancellations as news of this disease spreads. stephanie stone has the latest on it. >> reporter: no shortage of tourists, and in fact there is hardly any parking. even though the cabins are deemed a place to stay are closed for an undetermined amount of time. she stayed in the same cabins with her family during the time period when officials first noticed a problem. >> they stayed in the 900 block and had a wonderful time with my family and everyone is still healthy. and it has been six weeks now.
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>> reporter: in fact, she says she loved it so much she is back again with her friends. and she is not giving the hunta virus a second thought. >> we are maybe not putting our backpacks on the floor, but i am not worried about it. >> reporter: park officials say the some 400 cabins that are open were designed differently than the signature ones. they don't have the double insulated walls that are being blamed for the infestation. the virus is spread through contact with deer, and mice droppings. >> we feel they are get nooght cabins. we have replaced it and we have really patched up areas where we feel the mice are getting inside. >> they also say it is rare to contract the virus which is exactly how joan feels. >> i guess i am looking at things positively. i am still enjoying the beautiful nature here. >> that is stephanie stone reporting. the park is receiving more than 1,000 calls a day from
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frightened visitors concerned about this growing outbreak. ?oi it is the end of an era for an italian restaurant that has been a fixer in north beach for six decades. thomas roman is live at ceasers. >> the going away party is still going on strong here at caesar's. the owners tell me that ever since the restaurant was closed closed -- [inaudible]. the co-owner is preparing the restaurant's last supper. the restaurant that has been a north beach fixture for 56 years is closing. he says he has had it. >> they can't afford to pay the represent and pay the union! >> he says it is the economy. many of the locals have aged and are not going out to eat as much. but for the past two weeks dinners and lunches have been sold out since locals learned
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caesar's is closing. they have been coming to restaurant for decades and she is here to celebrate her 91st birthday. >> come at least once every two weeks. oh and then when i don't want to cook i used to come down. >> they have been eating here for the past 40 years, it is the end of an era. >> anybody who lives here should be today really sad. >> this woman wiped away tears as she took video of the restaurant. today the bar is full as is the dining room. he says business would have always been this good, ceasers wouldn't be closing. his father was the restaurant owner. he says caesar's was always a family restaurant. >> i was born in this place. both of my grandfathers worked here and even my great grandfather worked here and my father. >> he was the original owner. he came in from stockton to say goodbye. >> i just had to be here.
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i mean it broke my heart. it is breaking my heart, but there is nothing that you could do about it. >> reporter: the bar is obviously still open. the restaurant owners say they are going on vacation because it has been a very stressful time. one owner doesn't rule out opening another caesar's anytime soon. thomas roman, abc7 news. >> thanks. just ahead, the sweeping changes that could be coming to california's pension plan. >> i hereby challenge governor christie. >> a political dust up gets a little physical as governor brown issues a challenge. >> and the big league celebration for petaluma allstars. it is a day they won't ever forget. >> and then coming up on "nightline." >> dan and carolyn, coming up on "nightline" a whirl wind tv romance that came crashing down one horrible night. she opens up about what happened with her football
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wave targeting people with iphones is sweeping san francisco. seven of them have been stolen in the city in the past 24 hours alone. abc7 news spoke to a woman who had hers taken from her. she says the two thieves also tried to steel the jewelry she was wearing. >> and then took my phone out of my back pocket, hit me in the face, a closed fist punch in the face. >> the iphone crime wave isn't limited to san francisco. a woman lost hers yesterday at gun . in oak -- gun point in oakland. >> the phone taken at gun point. the california legislature presented governor brown with a gift on the last day of the session. a historic pension reform bill. the bill raises the retirement age of employees and cuts benefits for new hires and forces the current employees to contribute more for benefits they already v. the measure could save the state as much as $55 billion over
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the next 30 years. >> well, the battle of words has erupted between new jersey governor chris christie and governor brown. it started on monday when christie called brown saying he couldn't believe california voters chose him over meg whitman. today brown said it is on. >> i ran three miles in 29 minutes two nights ago. i hereby challenge governor christie to a three-mile race, push up contest and a chin up contest. >> no response yet from christie. brown is something of a fitness fanatic. here is the picture of him doing push ups with the help of his corgie setter. the newest lottery millionaires are glad that a relative watches mortal vision than they do. here is what happened. vladimir and maurita hit a $52 million mega millions jackpot.
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they finally picked up prize today. why the delay? well they didn't know they had won until the lottery posted a surveillance picture of vladimir buying his ticket. and a relative called with a heads up. >> i rolled up my mouth and woke up my wife. she said what? i said we are wanted in the lotto. >> they are wealthy. vladimir was recently laid off and they are living with friends. well that's over. m awe rita will keep -- maurita will keep working at a hospital nurse assistant. >> the petaluma national little league team ran on to the field before the game with the red sox. earlier the confidence the team used to get to the championship was still evident. >> are you going to go out and shag balls with the oakland a ease. >> it is pretty awesome. >> you ever been under a major league flyball?
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>> no. >> are you ready for it? >> yes. >> the teen then posed with the a's and enjoyed a first class view of what turned out to be a remarkable game in a luxury suite. and there is one morsel bracing to come. on sunday petaluma will honor heros with a parade at 1:00 sunday at walnut park. >> they are having the time of their lives. >> how fun is that? >> all right, well it will be a good weekend for a parade. >> sandhya patel is here. at least that half of the weekend. >> it will be beautiful weather for the parade. so they can count on sunshine and mild weather when that gets underway on sunday. check out the blue moon. there is a saying here. when you get two full moons and a calendar month which is what happened tonight. they call it a blue moon. the next one does not come around. this is a time lapse until 2015. i hope you had a chance to catch it. the clouds parted enough to let us catch the view.
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i'll show you just how great it is. as we check out the view here we do have widespread low clouds and even some patchy drizzle that will be developing in the overnight hours. it is a solid marine layer, 3,000 feet deep. and even some of the innd la valleys like livermore -- and even some of the inland valleys like livermore. as you notice, it is a cool day. many areas are struggling to get into the 60s and 70s. livermore is a good 20 degrees below normal for this time of year. it was only in the 60s. the temperatures right now in the 50s. here are the highlights. we are basically looking at cloudy skies. areas of drizzle. partly cloudy and below normal for your saturday afternoon. but much warmer weather coming your way sunday and labor day. look for widespread low clouds. if you are heading out the door and starting your holiday weekend, grab a sweatshirt and jacket. patchy drizzle expected and there are slick roadways for sure.
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here is what is causing the cooler air today and the deep marine layer. it is a trough. this toough heads east and once it pushes out of here, we will start to see a reversal and there is much warmer weather for your sunday and monday. 78 degrees for los gatos. mostly sunny skies and mid70s campbell, san jose, santa clara. on the peninsula you will start out gray and partly sunny around redwood city. 72 in palo alto. 58 in pacifica. there is not much change there. sunset district 59 degrees. downtown san francisco mostly sunny and 63, and as we get you into the north bay, 50s along the coast. some clouds will be in the mid70s santa rosa and 72 in san rafael. east bay communities, 66 in oakland. 70 for union city. head inland, and these temperatures are not quite where you should be for this time of year. 80 degrees in livermore. 8 degrees cooler than average. 78 in concord and 76 in dublin.
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and for the monterey bay, 60 degrees if you are heading down to caramel. 78 in morgan hill. a big game tomorrow afternoon. this is cal hosting nevada at the newly renovated stadium. partly sunny, breezy and 58 degrees. by 3:00 p.m., getting into the low 60s. i would grab a sweatshirt if i was you. and we do have a couple of art and wine festivals and art festivals going on. breezy and 65 tomorrow. mostly sunny on sunday and monday warmer and for the millbrae art and wine festival 67 on saturday and 72 on sunday. it warms up. low to mid-nineties sunday and monday. iwe will hold it there until wednesday. that's when we see a cooling trend heading into your thursday. >> thanks, sandhya. >> well, a multimillion-dollar heist, and the loot in this case, maple syrup. >> what is at s
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noat the dunbar ton bridge. it is closed and seismic retrofit work is well underway. the bridge shutdown and it won't reopen until tuesday morning at 5:00. of course if things go smoothly it will re-open sooner. some fingers in canada. thieves in quebec, canada have made off with $30 million worth of maple syrup. the theft was discovered during a routine check of a storage warehouse. police say it looks like the thieves left the empty barrels and carried away the syrup and other containers. this was well thought out. the warehouse stored their reserve maple syrup, the stuff they use if they can't make
12:24 am
enough. as much as 10,000 pounds may have been stolen. >> larry beil is here now. quite a performance by the a's. >> the a's were amazing. >> and they are not quite amazing. the stanford alum there. a new season with a new quarterback. the cardinals are sweating it out against san jose state. sports is next. >> this summer you made the abc7 sleep train campaign a huge success as a thank you to all of our facebook fans. $30,000 has been donated to the ticket to dream foundation and all of that money goes to help bay
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stanford began life after luck. they don't have andrew anymore. they need old-fashioned luck and some grit to survive against san jose state. he is putting on the pads for the first time as a starter. stefon taylor breaks off a 38-yard run here and finished with 116 yards rushing. first drive for stanford and they march down the field and 13 plays and 81 yards. and then they go for it on fourth and 1. taler and up and over. nunez with his first throwing touchdown. 14-0 cardinals. san jose state, they got a new quarterback. she making his debut tonight.
12:29 am
he is wide open and he drops the short touchdown. your typical spartan fan. second half and he is 17-10. 12 plays and 82 yards. he is a 21-yard laser. the field goal made it 20-17. he drops the touchdown pass 1k3* nunez sixteen-26. and it is a chance to win and carolyn's nails are fraying as she chopped down fourth and 10. ed reynolds pick itself off and stanford holds on 20-17. >> there is pressure before the game and maybe after the game. when you are out there you are really just playing. i didn't feel pressure in that game. >> the a's hosted boston and petaluma. they welcomed the petaluma little leaguers. he is measuring himself with


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